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O2 iPhone app launched

O2 iPhone app launched

O2 has unveiled a new application for iPhones that allows users to check their account information from their mobile phone.

Dubbed My O2 iPhone app, the software enables owners of the mobiles to access detailed information on “every part” of their account, such as tariff details as well as how much of their monthly allocation of texts and minutes have been used.

Sally Cowdry, marketing director for O2, said: "Our customers want to stay in control of how much they spend whenever they like. The My O2 iPhone app allows them to do this with the minimum of fuss.

"We wanted to make this information as easy to view as possible. This is all part of our commitment to a great customer experience and we'll be looking at rolling this out to other phones in the near future.”

The app is available to both pay as you go mobile telephone customers as well as those with contracts and is free to download now.

O2’s app launch comes hard on the heels of the iPhone 3G S being named the year’s best smartphone by the European Imaging and Sound Association.

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