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  5. Why do Nokia mobile phones founder in the US?

Why do Nokia mobile phones founder in the US?

In a treatise on the Finnish giant’s business model called What Nokia Should Do, J. Gerry Purdy of Frost & Sullivan posits that quality and functionality has little do with it. In fact, the company’s disappointing showing across the Pond is down to something as simple as the font used on its phones. And US consumers’ ill-founded fear of the user interface employed on Symbian phones doesn't help either.

Nokia N97 White

He explains: "Nokia phones all use the same font on the display – the same font used in marketing literature. I don’t know why but the font is not attractive to many people in the US. It gives you an uncomfortable feel when you look at it without necessarily knowing why.

"The Symbian OS, while very good technically, has a user interface style that seems foreign to those in the US. Its core design principles have a look and feel that is different from the iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm WebOS and Android environments."

He makes a convincing case, that’s for sure. But what do you think? Could Nokia’s US fortunes be turned around by something as simple as a design revamp and adoption of a new OS? Or is it a case of its marketing letting it down? Let us know in the comments section below.

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