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  5. Chamelephone concept phone stars at awards show

Chamelephone concept phone stars at awards show

First up, take a look at the Fold-A-Phone. Just like that that Hussein Chalayan dress that Posh Spice wore a few years back, this natty bit of kit takes its inspiration from the age old art of origami. And while being able to fold up into a diddy little thing is a great USP in itself, you have to admit that it looks pretty knock-out, too.



But our favourite design is by a country mile has to be the chamelephone, the USP of which is that it transforms its appearance to match its surroundings. As the image below shows, it actually takes on the appearance and texture of the surface that it's resting on.


Impressive, no? But can you do better? If you've ever mocked up a concept phone for yourself that you think deserves a public airing send us some snaps and we’ll do our best to cover it here.

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