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iPhone app rescues kitchen klutzes

Currently the top-selling iPhone cooking app, Dishy’s USP is that it takes you through the whole business of preparation step by step. So, rather than just leaving you with bare bones instructions, you get countdown timers so you don’t overcook your scran. And to ensure you don’t get forget any crucial ingredients at the supermarket, the app also functions as a digital shopping list that lets you tick off stuff as you go.


So Dishy seems to have food preparation on lockdown. But, as a cursory viewing of the bitch-a-thon Come Dine With Me or the classic Mike Leigh play Abigail’s Party shows that’s no guarantee of a good dinner party. Now, if someone can now invent an app that gets rid of lairy guests, rank 1970s decors, Demis Roussos and weapons-grade backbiting, then we’d really be talking.

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