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  5. iPhone owners to be locked in by O2?

iPhone owners to be locked in by O2?

iPhone owners to be locked in by O2?

O2 is remaining tight-lipped over whether iPhone owners will be able to unlock their mobile phones when their contract expires.

After months of speculation, Orange and Vodafone last week revealed that they will soon start selling the iPhone 3G S, thus bringing an end to O2’s two-year exclusivity on the handsets.

According to The Register, O2 has since been inundated with enquiries from iPhone customers as to whether they will be permitted to unlock their mobile should they decide to move their custom to a rival network at the end of their contract term.

However, an opaque statement from the mobile network has failed to clear up the confusion, noting only that it is “currently working through what will happen”.

The news that rival networks will be offering iPhones for sale has raised hopes of a price war, which promises to make the handsets more accessible to the mass market who have hitherto been priced out of owning the phones.

Orange is poised to begin selling the iPhone 3G S in November, with Vodafone set to enter the market shortly after Christmas.

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