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  5. Top 10 reasons to get a Palm Pre instead of an iPhone

Top 10 reasons to get a Palm Pre instead of an iPhone

Top 10 reasons to get a Palm Pre instead of an iPhone

1 iPhones are already ubiquitous. And they’re about to get even more so

iPhones are undoubtedly fine bits of kit. But any early-adopter kudos they had disappeared about ten million unit sales ago. And with Orange and Vodafone about to join O2 in offering Apple handsets, they’re going to be ten-a-penny in a few months time. By contrast, the Palm Pre is cutting-edge and still rare-as-hen’s-teeth exclusive.

2 Let’s get physical (keyboards)

Unlike the iPhone, the Palm Pre offers touchscreen functionality for the fun stuff, but is mindful that there are some times when only a physical QWERTY keyboard will do. Ever tried composing lengthy emails on an iPhone touchscreen? It’s not the best.

palm vs iphone

3 Happier snapping

The Pre is fitted with a 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash and boasts variable depth perception. In our book that makes it leagues ahead of the flash-free iPhone 3G S as a snapper.

4 Wireless charging

The Touchstone charging panel - sold separately - allows Palm Pre owners to juice up their handsets simply by placing them on a dock. Once there, a magnetic field generates electricity which charges up the battery. Better still, you can stick your handset on speakerphone while it's on the device and continue to take calls the whole time.

5 Removable battery

Replacing the battery on an iPhone is trial by screws, fiddlyness and frustration - especially if you’re caught short and need to make/take a call as a matter of urgency. But the Pre’s battery can be removed in a trice, allowing you to pop in a spare in a matter of seconds.

6 Smooth OS

Reviewers were united in their praise of the way the Pre enables users to access multiple applications simultaneously with minimum lag. This, combined with the seamless integration of a raft of services, means that the Pre a doozie for making the most of your time.

7 The App Store has an app for everything. But loads of them are dreadful

No more to add here. But ponder this: Did the world really need that egregious, shockingly ill-judged Baby Shaker game? And as for the Pepsi app that made Spinal Tap look like riot grrll faves Bikini Kill…well, really.

8 Loads more Pre apps on the way

Only a complete dullard will have failed to notice the paradigm shift in mobile phone industry business models and consumer habits that has made the Apple App Store such a hit. Palm was certainly taking notes and is soon to launch a natty development kit that ought to clear the way for a slew of great applications arriving on the Pre soon.

Palm Pre Screen On

9 Impressive web browsing and connectivity

The Pre’s built in browser and HSDPA support makes for a supremely fast and wholly pleasurable mobile internet experience. Meanwhile, support for A2DP, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 means that the Pre is one of the best connected phones around.

10 It’s cheaper

The cheapest iPhone 3G S contract that offers the handset for free is £45 per month. The Pre, meanwhile, is gratis from £35 per month. That’s £120 per year extra to spend on apps.

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