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Windows Mobile 6.5 unveiled today

Windows Mobile 6.5 unveiled today

Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its mobile phone operating system Windows Mobile 6.5.

The highly anticipated new version of Windows Mobile was unveiled by Microsoft today, as the technology giant looks to see off the challenge presented by the raft of Android mobile phones that have hit the market this year.

Dubbed Windows Mobile 6.5, the platform improves on earlier editions by offering a superior web browsing experience through full integration of the Bing search engine, as well as more intuitive interface.

The operating system will also offer access to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile application store, thus allowing users to download software while on the go. Around 200 apps are to be available at launch.

Experts anticipate that Microsoft’s tweaks to the platform will allow Windows mobiles to compete more effectively with huge selling Android mobile such as the HTC Magic.

Meanwhile, yesterday saw the Android-powered HTC Hero named the Gadget of the Year at Stuff magazine’s 2009 awards.

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