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  5. BlackBerry Storm3 speculation circulates

BlackBerry Storm3 speculation circulates

BlackBerry Storm3 speculation circulates

Although the third mobile phone in the Storm series is likely to be at least a year away from release, rumours and gossip about its potential form and functionality are already being circulated online.

The BlackBerry Storm was the first touchscreen smartphone from manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) and it was greeted with very mixed reviews in late 2008. The Storm 2, released recently, has addressed many of the problems of the first handset, but has also been greeted with ambivalence.

There have been no official reports about the Storm 3 as yet but it is expected to combine aspects of the first two phones with the more traditional BlackBerry approach of a full QWERTY keyboard for messaging and email.

It has been suggested that the Storm 3 would use a touchscreen which would slide upwards to reveal the keypad, as with the Nokia N900. The other technical specifications are expected to remain intact, although without concrete evidence any discussions are purely hypothetical.

RIM is expected to make an announcement about the Storm 3, which is believed to be at the development stage, before the end of 2009 and a release in the second half of 2010 seems likely.

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