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  5. Customers vent frustration over modern smartphones

Customers vent frustration over modern smartphones

Customers vent frustration over modern smartphones

The Qualcomm-owned firm Xiam Technology has released the results of a recent survey which shows that a large number of mobile phone owners are less than delighted with some of the basic functions of the current generation of smartphones.

Over 2600 people took part in the study which identified the biggest bone of contention as being the absence of a comprehensive and well designed search function, the lack of which makes finding content and information on a smartphone needlessly arduous.

Another significant issue raised by users is the average loading time for the content they wish to view, whether it is web pages, video streaming or file downloads. The irrelevancy of much of the information they are forced to trawl through was also cited by 80 per cent of respondents as being a major issue.

The silver lining to the report is that manufacturers should be able to charge more for their content delivery services if they are more user-friendly, as the majority of those questioned were in favour of higher costs in return for less time-consuming use.

The survey also found that although there may be a huge variety of services and content available on modern phones, most users will stick to a single category rather than experiment with new services.

By comparing the trends of consumers from both sides of the Atlantic, it has become clear that whilst Americans prefer phones to be business and communication-focused with message-centric interfaces and services, Brits value aesthetics and entertainment above all else.

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