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'First Else' smartphone announced

'First Else' smartphone announced

With a new operating system and an admirable array of functions, the First Else from Emblaze Mobile will aim to outstrip dedicated devices with its mastery of all trades when it is released in early 2010.

Powered by a new Linux-based operating system, there are few confirmed facts about the First Else beyond some barebones hardware stats and an explanation of its main operating parameters by Emblaze CEO Amir Kupervas.

The First Else will feature a 3.5 inch capacitive touch screen and will sport the same processor and graphics accelerator as the Palm Pre. A microSD slot will allow for a 32GB storage capacity and a five megapixel camera is also to be included.

Mr Kupervas was particularly keen to focus on the compartmentalised functionality of the First Else's software, which will allow it to operate as multiple dedicated devices rather than a homogenised mess with functions bolted on in a less than perfect fashion.

In practice this will mean that when the First Else is operating as a phone it will work just as you would expect and when you choose to use it to listen to music it will operate as a fully-fledged media player. Likewise when you decide to organise your life it will transform into a focused and capable tool.

Mr Kupervas explained that the First Else would focus on applications rather than standard mobile phone functions and by offering a better all round experience it could stand out from the smartphone crowd.

Although the First Else will have distinct divisions between its various applications, they will use a shared database, allowing for various contact details and recent pieces of correspondence to be pulled together in a single location for convenience.

The First Else is expected to feature all of the standard functionality expected in modern mobile phones, including GPS, Bluetooth, HSDPA and Wi-Fi connectivity.

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