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iPhone given go-ahead in South Korea

iPhone given go-ahead in South Korea

Local mobile manufacturers LG and Samsung will face competition from overseas when the iPhone is released in South Korea. After being available around the world for over two years, the Apple handset has finally been approved by Korean regulators, although a launch date is yet to be confirmed.

Korean network provider KT Corp has been in talks with Apple to offer the iPhone on its network and market leader SK Telecom is also believed to be in negotiations, although the process is far from concluded.

The Korea Communications Commission has permitted the release of the iPhone by granting Apple the ability to provide data services, GPS and marketing within the country.

The iPhone's sale in Korea would have been impossible until a ruling in April lifted the embargo on phones which did not use operating platforms created by the domestic industry.

There are over 47 million mobile phone users in Korea and by opening up the market to foreign competitors the regulators could instigate a significant change in market trends and consumer allegiances.

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