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iPhone sales booming across Europe

iPhone sales booming across Europe

iPhone sales are booming across Europe, as the end of exclusivity arrangements releases massive pent up demand for Apple mobile phones.

According a recent survey from research company Bernstein, Apple’s share of the continental mobile phone market now stands at 32 per cent. Just three months ago the figure stood at 21 per cent.

Pierre Ferragu, an analyst at Bernstein, attributed the massive upturn to the recent avaialability of the handsets on a range of networks in territories across Europe, where previously a sole carrier had held exclusive rights to sell iPhones.

He said: "The expansion of iPhone distribution has clearly benefited Apple, helping it to more than double sales in three months.”

News of the group’s findings comes a matter of months after the EU ruled that Orange’s French division’s exclusivity deal violated competition laws.

The decision cleared the way for some 600,000 iPhones to be sold in France in the third quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, pent-up demand for Apple phones in the UK on the Orange network drove sales past 30,000 on the launch day alone. Prior to Orange gaining the right to sell the handsets, O2 had held UK exclusivity since the appearance of the first iPhone in 2007.

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