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Need to unlock your car? There's an App for that

Apparently car keys are very much out of fashion. Even remote locking is looking rather long in the tooth and keyless entry is being taken to its logical conclusion in the shape of the iPhone app that will let you unlock the new range of Mercedes Benz vehicles using a virtual key on-screen.

Mercedes has managed to avoid prefacing the name of their new app with the standard 'i', choosing instead to drop the first letter of a perfectly good word and christen the program 'mbrace'. Users will be provided with a simple interface that essentially looks like a virtual representation of the key provided with any new Mercedes.

mbrace iphone2

You will be able to lock and unlock the car from a significant distance and the app can also pinpoint the location of your car on a map thanks to the built in iPhone GPS. This could come in rather handy if you have to park in a labyrinthine car park, or indeed if your vehicle is stolen.

You can even use the new app to call for assistance from the mbrace support staff. If your air bags have deployed then the app will also automatically call the mbrace team to see if you need any help. If you are incapacitated they will then contact the emergency services on your behalf.

You will have to wait until late 2010 for the app to be fully operational on new vehicles, although owners of older Mercedes motors will be pleased to learn that the mbrace functionality can be retrofitted to existing vehicles.

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