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Nokia handsets get GPS speed boost

Nokia handsets get GPS speed boost

A new application which will speed up the time which it takes Nokia handsets running the Symbian S60 OS to locate their position on mapping software has been created by Skyhook Wireless.

The aptly-named Maps Booster utilises Wi-Fi hotspots to pinpoint the position of the handset at speeds far faster than GPS can allow.

Indeed, according to the developers, it will double the speed at which the user's location is discovered.

Skyhook already produces applications for iPhone and iPod Touch owners which perform in exactly the same way.

The benefit of the system is that it will allow the mapping software to find your location when you are inside, which is something GPS cannot achieve.

The Maps Booster only operates when you are in an area with a particularly significant convergence of Wi-Fi hotspots, making it perfect for use in towns and cities.

Countryside users will not be able to take advantage of the app because of the lack of Wi-Fi coverage.

Owners of a variety of compatible Nokia handsets, including the N97 and the 5800 Xpress Music, will be able to download the Maps Booster application from Nokia's Ovi Store.

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