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Nokia N900 to be Vodafone exclusive?

Nokia N900 to be Vodafone exclusive?

The release date of Nokia's N900 phone is drawing ever-closer and speculation is heating up online as to which UK network will be the first to supply the supremely powerful handset.

O2 has declared itself out of the running at the early stages after announcing that it did not have any plans to offer the N900 to customers in the near future.

3 has also been ruled out, but because of a technical issue rather than a commercial one.

It is alleged that the N900 is incompatible with 3 SIM cards at the time of writing, but that a software update will address this problem.

The indications are that Vodafone may well be the first UK network to offer the phone on a monthly contract to its eager customers. Evidence gathered from Vodafone forums, on which Vodafone representatives urge customers to keep a close eye on its 'coming soon' page, strongly hints at an imminent announcement.

News from Vodafone Ireland, which has already confirmed the N900 for its customers, makes the rumours doubly persuasive.

A relationship between Vodafone and the N900 has also been inferred from the Linux-based Maemo OS which it utilises, similar to the software used in Vodafone's 360 handsets.

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