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O2 iPhone sales holding up says CEO

O2 iPhone sales holding up says CEO

Sales of the iPhone on O2 have not been affected by the arrival of Apple mobiles on the Orange network, according to the head of O2’s parent company.

This week saw the arrival of iPhones on the Orange, with pent-up demand for the high-end handsets reportedly fuelling unit sales of 30,000 within a matter of hours of its launch.

Prior to Orange starting to sell the highly sought-after smartphones, rival carrier O2 had held exclusivity on Apple handsets in the UK.

However, in an interview with the Guardian, Matthew Key, Chairman and Chief Executive of Telefonica Europe, has claimed that increased competition has had negligible impact on demand for iPhones on O2.

He said: "There has been an almost imperceptible change in our volumes. Almost no change as far as the gross [additions] we are putting on, which we were quite surprised about as well."

In response to Orange’s arrival as an iPhone carrier, O2 has this week sweetened its contract terms with a price cut for its tethering add-on. Customers who sign up for the deal also get free home broadband as part of a limited period incentive.

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