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Orange iPhone usage caps exposed

Orange iPhone usage caps exposed

Criticism is mounting of Orange’s newly announced iPhone tariffs after it emerged that limits will be placed on streaming content from the likes of Spotify, iPlayer and YouTube.

Close reading of the network’s iPhone terms and conditions reveals that users will be subject to a monthly 750MB download cap.

Electric Pig calculates that this means that iPhone owners are only able to stream songs from Spotify for around 13 hours per month. This equates to around 25 minutes of music per day. Video streaming, meanwhile, will cut through the usage allowance even faster.

It is thought that the rationale behind the move is to prevent the Orange network becoming overloaded by iPhone owners using bandwidth hungry applications. The restrictions do not apply to Orange services, but solely to those from third-parties.

Responding to the criticism, Orange stated: "We do not intend to apply network protection controls to anyone, as long as they are within their usage allowance.

"The T&Cs are in place to reserve the right to restrict access should they continue to exceed our Fair Usage policy."

Orange announced its iPhone tariffs this week, ahead of the handsets going on sale on the network on November 10th.

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