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  5. Palm CEO: Android mobile phones just for techies

Palm CEO: Android mobile phones just for techies

Palm CEO: Android mobile phones just for techies

Android mobile phones are less user-friendly than the Palm Pre and will struggle to find genuine mass market acceptance as result, the head of Palm has claimed.

Over the last 12 months, mobile manufacturers have flocked to capitalise on burgeoning demand for handsets employing Google’s Android operating system. Sony Ericsson, LG and Nokia are all preparing Android phones for release imminently.

However, in an interview with the New York Times Palm Chief Executive Officer Jon Rubinstein hinted that the operating system could struggle to find mass market support in the long run due to Android mobiles' lack of usability.

He said: “Android, and the Droid in particular, are designed for the techie audience. We are doing a more general product that helps people live their lives seamlessly.

"The companies that will deliver the best products are the ones that integrate the whole experience - the hardware, the software and the services - and aren't getting one piece from here and one piece from there and trying to bolt it all together.”

Since its release in the US in June, Palm’s flagship mobile phone for 2009 the, Pre, has sold over a million units. Prior to its launch, Palm was rumoured to be close to going under after suffering significant loss of market share to BlackBerry mobiles.

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