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  5. Persistent rumours hint at iPhone Nano release

Persistent rumours hint at iPhone Nano release

Persistent rumours hint at iPhone Nano release

Murmurings within the mobile phone manufacturing industry point towards the development of a cut-down version of the popular Apple iPhone, tentatively titled the 'nano'.

Although details are sparse and official sources are keeping tight lipped as to the specifics of the new handset, it is understood that it will sport a 2.8 inch touch sensitive display.

This would make it considerably more pocket-friendly than the current iPhone 3GS which has a 3.5 inch touch screen. The Nano is also expected to be less feature-packed than the full sized iPhone, although this would suggest it could be marketed at a lower price point.

There are many other reasons for consumers to get excited. It has been reported that the iPhone Nano will use a Qualcomm processor which will allow it to operate on mobile networks around the globe.

This will make its release and implementation across all markets and its sale through all mobile networks possible. Whilst it will probably lose some features, it is expected to retain the all-important 3G connectivity of its bigger brother.

The iPhone Nano may be manufactured by Pegatron, rather than by Hon Hai which produces the current iPhone. The only network implicated in the future of the iPhone Nano is Verizon.

The US telecoms giant is expected to offer the new handset from Q3 2010, but with global compatibility on the cards it should be easy for international partnerships to develop.

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