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Pop star launches new Nokia X6

Pop star launches new Nokia X6

Nokia partnered up with online video specialist Streaming Tank, advertising giants R/GA and popular R&B performer Rihanna in order to promote the release of its latest 'comes with music' handset, the X6.

In what was billed as the largest free gig of 2009, fans were able to watch the star perform songs from her latest album, streamed either directly to Nokia handsets or via a specially created website.

A spokesperson for Streaming Tank outlined the significance of the event, which took place at the Brixton Academy in London.

Viewers were allowed an unprecedented level of control over their experience, with the ability to pick from which camera angle they wished to view.

The ability to alter the camera choice during a live stream is being hailed as a first and the gig was widely regarded as a success.

Fans were also given access to free tickets to the gig on the day and both Rihanna and Nokia took advantage of the mutual exposure to promote their musical wares.

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