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Rejected app developers fight back

A UK-based app developer has started a new website, called, in order to expose and document the various applications that Apple has blocked from hitting the virtual shelves of the iPhone app store.

UK-based app developer Adam Martin has launched the site in order to highlight assorted rejections that he and others consider to be unfair and indicative of the random nature of the Apple selection process.

Mr Martin cites the fact that over 100,000 apps are available from the App store, but that the criteria for entrance into this fairly broad market often seem to be random and inconsistently enforced.

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There have been many high profile app rejections, including the Google app-which-shall-not-be-named and numerous claims that Apple has tried to enforce a gagging order against those who do not make the grade. Obviously the new AppRejections site has put paid to those plans.

Seemingly odd rules, including one which bans any apps which display an icon relating to the Mac when syncing with a Mac, can result in a rejection, but there are many developers out there who believe that they have stuck to Apple's guidelines but have still been unable to have apps published.

Any disenfranchised app developer can send in their own story of woe to the new site and it could prove to be a vital resource for those either looking to change the way in which Apple operates the App Store, or indeed those looking to avoid rejection in the first place.

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