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  5. Samsung handset to be Vodafone's second 360 phone

Samsung handset to be Vodafone's second 360 phone

Samsung handset to be Vodafone's second 360 phone

Vodafone is expanding the reach of its brand by releasing the second handset which utilises its set of '360' services.

The Samsung M1 is the more modest sibling of the H1, although both take advantage of cloud computing and advanced technology to ensure market appeal.

The M1 features a 3.2 inch touch screen interface and has HSDPA and GPS connectivity, although critics have labelled its lack of Wi-Fi as a potentially fatal oversight.

Running on the LiMO mobile platform, customers will have access to various social networking sites including Facebook and instant messaging via Windows Live Messenger.

The M1 will automatically back up all of the user's contacts and data to a cloud computing storage system.

Vodafone has designed the backup system to ensure the upgrade process at the end of the contract will allow for the instant availability of information from the old handset on the subsequent version.

There is one perceived weakness in the Vodafone cloud system; at the end of a two year contract, mobile technology and calling tariffs will have shifted dramatically.

Being tethered to Vodafone by data stored in the cloud may prove restrictive rather than liberating for some.

It has been suggested that a universal and network-neutral cloud system for backup and data transfer between handsets would be a considerable improvement over the current restrictive models that a few networks have implemented.

However, the Samsung M1 and the other Vodafone 360 handsets are seen by industry commentators as being as a step in the right direction.

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