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  5. Sony Ericsson releases beta of WebSDK for app makers

Sony Ericsson releases beta of WebSDK for app makers

Sony Ericsson releases beta of WebSDK for app makers

In order to promote and support the development of applications for its new range of smartphones, Sony Ericsson has just announced the release of an SDK for the creation of Android and Symbian-based apps.

A spokesperson for the firm told a leading technology site that its range of new mobile phones, including the Android-powered XPERIA X10 and the Symbian phone, the Satio, would be complimented by this new development platform.

Sony Ericsson executive Christopher David stated that despite being a beta release, the SDK was fully functional and ready for use by ambitious software designers looking to get in at the ground floor.

Mr David outlined the company's ongoing commitment to the app development community, promising that the SDK would continue to evolve and expand in order to avoid stagnation and promote innovation.

He also emphasised that the new platform would provide developers with the tools they need to succeed, including an extensive distribution network, the necessary funding and remuneration for their efforts.

Open source organisation PhoneGap, which focuses on facilitating and streamlining cross platform development, has played a significant part in the creation of the Sony Ericsson WebSDK.

This will allow apps to be written and ported to both Symbian and Android handsets with ease.

It is clear that Sony Ericsson is following the example set by Apple which enabled its App Store to become a qualified success.

Mr David admitted that the platform was party inspired by the Apple model, but also made it very clear that the Sony Ericsson WebSDK would result in a communicative and pragmatic relationship between the manufacturer and third party app developers.

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