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  5. Star Wars: Trench Run lands on iPhone

Star Wars: Trench Run lands on iPhone

Available now from the App Store for three sovs (or 10,000 Republican Credits, probably), the new game sees players taking on the mantle of young Luke as he hurtles through the highways and byways of the Death Star on a mission to take-out the planet-pwning ‘fully operational battle station’.

star wars trench run

We’ve been playing now for 24 hours and are happy to be able to tell you it’s really a helluva game that’s long on pulse-quickening thrills and even longer on frantic action. What's more, given the shocking quality of some of the Star Wars titles over the years, no-one is more surprised than us.

That’s all for now. We’re going back for another tilt at The Empire. Stay in attack formation, Gold Leader…

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