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Top 10 reasons to buy an iPhone on Orange instead of O2

Orange Vs O2

1 Orange Wednesdays

Half-price cinema tickets for a mid-week sojourn au flicks is one of the best things about being with Orange – especially if you’re the kind of cineaste for whom a week doesn’t go by without heading multiplex-wards.

What’s more, the newly released Orange Wednesday’s iPhone app makes it even easier to take advantage of the savings on offer. Not only does it provide access to the latest film reviews and movie trailers. It also harnesses the handset’s GPS support so you can find the nearest participating cinema.

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2 And don’t forget the pizzas

Orange recently sweetened its Wednesday promo to offer customers two-for-one on pizzas from Pizza Express. And they’ll throw in free garlic bread or doughballs, too.

3 Cheaper tethering

Orange’s price for using an iPhone as a mobile broadband dongle is £4.89 on pay monthly tariffs. Even after O2’s retaliatory price cut for the service – down from £14.68 to £9.79 per month - that’s still a £5 or so cheaper per month. Or £60 over a year.

Of course, O2 has thrown in free home broadband for anyone who takes on its tethering add-on, too. But we’re prepared to bet that since most iPhone owners are likely to already have a home broadband service, they’d happily pass up getting O2’s Standard Package for free in exchange for a less punitive tethering price point.

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4 Award-winning network coverage…

Orange's 3G network is the best and most extensive in the UK. So if you want to roam the British Isles with impunity and stay in touch, it’s an iPhone on Orange for you, m’lad.

5...that’s about to get even better

With the merger of Orange and T-Mobile now set in stone, Orange customers can look forward to brilliant, blanket network coverage right across Albion.

6 Faster web browsing

Top10 pitted an iPhone on Orange and one on O2 against one another in an ad-hoc video speed challenge. Charged with loading four popular websites, we can report that the Orange handset showed its competitor a clean pair of heels almost every time. Check the video if you don’t believe us…

7 Customer service

A JD Power customer survey conducted this year placed Orange top of the network tree when it comes to taking care of their patrons. And it was quite some way ahead of its rivals, we can’t help noticing, with Orange’s average customer score some 16 per cent higher than the industry average.

Apple iPhone_big3_357

8 Free stuff

Everyone loves free stuff. And if you’re a student with Orange you’re in line for more than your fair share. Provided you agree to view the odd advertisement, you can get yourself everything from HMV vouchers to free feeds at McDonalds. Result!

9 Superior tweeting

Orange has just inked a deal with Twitter to lets customers send and receive tweets directly from their mobile via SMS. And in a first for a UK network, Orange customers can also upload and share photographs on Twitter by MMS by posting snaps onto Orange's Snapshot site.

10 The future’s bright, the future’s….you know the rest

Orange’s fast-approaching merger with T-Mobile will result in a behemoth of a mobile phone network with enormous bargaining power. So if anyone’s going to be in a position to offer you great contract terms and value-added promos, it’s going to be them.

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