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Top10 reasons to get an iPhone instead of a Palm Pre

Top10 reasons to get an iPhone instead of a Palm Pre

1 Call that an app store?

The App Store now offers over a 100,000 apps, taking in everything from games, miscellaneous diversions and hard-nosed business tools. Palm’s equivalent, the App Catalog, has a paltry 300 titles. It’s like comparing Harrods with the dusty, fusty old convenience store from Open All Hours.

2 17 million customers can’t be wrong

That’s how many people have bought an iPhone since the first edition launched way back in November 2007. In the world of tech, - as in life - the cream always rises to the top.

iPhone is King

3 A design for life

The Pre is stubby, squat and more than a little on the fugly side. But cast your peepers iPhone-wards and you just want to drink in its ineffable style. Behold, the sleek lines! Max out on the minimalism! We’re no experts but we think it’s already right up there with design classics like the VW Beetle and Penguin Books’ best-ever covers.

4 Satisfaction guaranteed

But don’t take our word for it. A consumer survey conducted by RBC/IQ ChangeWave in August found that 99 per cent of iPhone customers were satisfied with their smartphone. In fairness, the Pre scored 87 per cent in the same study. But why settle for second best?

5 Sync or swim

Importing your music library is a breeze with iPhones. Not so, the Pre. At the time of writing Apple has once again disabled the Pre's facility to sync with its music software. Can you really be bothered with all the aggro of a handset that changes functionality on a week-to-week basis with nothing you can do about it?

6 Rolando & Rolando 2

Not played them? You really, really need to address that. So good are these smart-looking platformers that even the notoriously hard-to-please reviewers at games bible the Edge were impressed. That’s the gaming equivalent of getting a ten out of ten from Russian gymnastics judges.

Rolando 21

7 Guided by Voices

Voice commands are entirely absent from the Pre. iPhone 3G S owners, however, can not only do quotidian things like voice-dialling but can command their handset to ‘play more songs like this’ and even switch on the shuffle function. Pointless, you say? Perhaps. But very, very cool.

8 Mixing memory with desire

3G S buyers get 16GB on the lower priced version and a positively gargantuan 32GB if they want to shell out a bit more. The Pre has relatively paltry 8GB and – ouch, here’s the killer - there’s no microSD card slot to expand it.

9 (Screen) size matters

At 3.1-inches, the Palm Pre’s screen is 0.4 inches smaller than that of the iPhone 3G S. So, it stands to reason that watching videos and browsing the web is way better on the 3G S.

10 Revert to type

The iPhone keypad is getting better all the time and in landscape view, the keypad is massive. As for the Pre's - yes, it's a physical QWERTY keypad, but a small one and because it's made of plastic (not software), it cannot be updated or changed.

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