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3 INQ Chat offers iTunes support

3  INQ Chat offers iTunes support

The first mobile other than the iPhone to offer iTunes to customers, called the INQ Chat 3G, has been released.

The Chat 3G is a low-price smartphone aimed at the pay as you go market and integrates various social networking features straight out of the box. But the most important function is of course its iTunes compatibility which makes it unique amongst non-Apple devices.

3 is the exclusive stockist of the Chat 3G in the UK and with its full QWERTY keypad, built-in Twitter app and rounded, chunky design it is designed to appeal to a teenage audience.

The iTunes compatibility is enabled by an app called DoubleTwist, which can be used to upload your iTunes library of music to the Chat 3G and then play back the music whilst you are on the go.

The programmer who worked on this clever little app is the same person who first cracked the DVD copy protection process a few years ago and the 25 year old Norwegian has clearly been encouraged to turn his talents to something a little more legitimate.

INQ is still a relative unknown in the mobile phone market and this is its first phone to integrate a full QWERTY keypad, but if it can continue to offer unique software functionality it could quite easily carve a niche for itself.

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