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Dual-SIM phones from Nokia imminent

Dual-SIM phones from Nokia imminent

A Nokia insider has leaked details of a new line of dual-SIM phones that the Finnish giant plans to release at some point in 2010.

With two SIM cards contained within a single phone, Nokia will be able to provide an all in one solution for business users who like to keep their work mobile separate from their home mobile contract. Many people swap out SIM cards depending on their location or own two phones to use whilst at work and during their personal time.

According to the source, the dual-SIM phones will be available at some point between April and June and these details are likely to be accurate as the same source leaked detailed information of Nokia's 2009 mobile line up last year.

Some are surprised by the news, since call switching handled by an external service such as Google Voice is an alternative solution that does not rely on the old-fashioned hardware approach that dual-SIM represents.

Although Google Voice is only available to US customers at this time, observers expect that a similar service will soon hit the UK, rendering the dual-SIM solution obsolete.

There is the potential for Nokia's Ovi services to integrate such functionality into future mobiles, although the dual-SIM solution may be the ideal stop-gap for those with this particular requirement.

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