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  5. Free business listings comes to Ovi Maps

Free business listings comes to Ovi Maps

Free business listings comes to Ovi Maps

After buying the trademark for something called Ovi Prime Place two months ago, Nokia has finally revealed the specifics of the new service: free business listings integrated into the Ovi Maps navigation application.

People who operate businesses will be able to register with the Ovi Prime Place service and then create a presence on the Ovi Maps app.

This will essentially boil down to a push pin in the virtual map which is linked to information about the business itself.

With millions of people accessing Ovi Maps around the world, businesses will now be able to advertise their opening hours, contact details and stock listings directly to the consumer without having to pay a penny.

The business listings are stored online and they can be updated at any time, so that every time Ovi Maps is loaded, the user will be assured that they are getting the most up to date details.

Because this is essentially a no-cost way in which to publicise businesses there will doubtlessly be thousands of eager entrepreneurs ready to sign up for an Ovi account and add their details to the Ovi Prime Place listings.

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