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Fring brings video chat to iPhone

Fring brings video chat to iPhone

Fring, which already allows iPhone owners to chat with friends across a variety of instant messaging and VoIP services including Skype and MSN Live Messenger, has updated its free application to include a video chat function.

iPhone users can now connect to a wireless network and chat with other Fringers via a video link.

The current technical limitations of the iPhone mean that only one person can actually see the other at a time, since the camera is mounted on the rear, but it's possible that this will be remedied with the release of a new iPhone in 2010.

Many industry watchers and Apple mobile fans have been confused by the lack of a front-facing camera on each subsequent iPhone model, not least because Apple is pushing video chatting and conferencing on its desktop PC platforms.

For the time being it appears that iChat is a little way off for iPhone fans, but Fring does provide a stop-gap solution to the problem with this free update.

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