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HTC Hero 2 due February

HTC Hero 2 due February

A follow up to the HTC Hero is due to be unveiled in February next year, a high-ranking executive at the Taiwanese mobile manufacturer has revealed.

In an interview with Swedish news website IDG, Patrik Anderson announced that the second edition of the handset will be displayed next year at the Mobile World Congress. The event, which is one of the most high-profile mobile industry expos around, takes place in Barcelona and opens on February 15th.

Mr Anderson did not deign to reveal specifications of the device. However, it is thought likely that it will feature a more powerful processor than the existing version of the Hero and will be home to the latest 2.0 version of the Android operating system.

News of developments comes in the wake of reports that HTC could be working on as many as 20 Android mobile phones, set to come to market in the near future.

The speculation stemmed from a leaked ROM, which contained what was purported to be codenames for the forthcoming devices. Among these were two new phones apparently dubbed the HeroCT and HeroC.

Of the Android mobiles already brought to market by HTC, the Hero was been the most successful by some margin. Its popularliy was highlighted last month when it was named Gadget of the Year by readers of Stuff magazine.

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