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iPhone App for Soldiers on the way

iPhone App for Soldiers on the way

An application that will allow soldiers to pinpoint the position of their fellow combatants and target the enemy in the heat of battle is being created for use by the US armed forces.

Military technology firm Raytheon is developing the application for Apple's iPhone and the One Force Tracker will provide soldiers with real time information on friendly forces locations as well as areas containing enemy activity.

Raytheon hopes that the app will make incidences of friendly fire far rarer and will also allow soldiers to share information as to where they believe enemies may be in hiding.

A heavily modified version of the iPhone that is suitable for combat will be created as the stock retail device would not stand up to the stresses inherent in the theatre of modern warfare. The most significant software enhancement will be built in multitasking capabilities which would allow soldiers to run several apps simultaneously, something which the consumer iPhone does not currently offer.

Raytheon has experience with the iPhone platform, having already produced an app aimed at aiding air traffic control students in learning their trade whilst they are out and about.

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