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LG unveils Avatar ad campaign

LG unveils  Avatar ad campaign

James Cameron's Avatar hits cinemas nationwide today and has had phenomenal hype and positive reviews, but LG gave slavering fans the chance to view some special pre-release goodies and related technology.

LG previewed an advert containing the new LG eXpo smartphone, which includes a mobile projector as an attachable peripheral and was shown projecting footage from Avatar.

A specially created website for the event also gave fans the chance to view exclusive clips and download audio snippets taken from the movie which could then be used as ringtones or message alerts.

On an Avatar-themed Facebook group users could join up and view exclusive, interactive interview footage with the cast and crew of the film, which has cost its makers a reported $500 million (£305 million).

The LG eXpo is capable of projecting video, still images and even documents onto any surface and LG was keen to emphasise the cinematic quality of the experience in relation to Avatar.

An LG spokesperson said that LG appreciated the groundbreaking technology and technical effort that had been ploughed into Cameron's latest work and compared this to the technological innovations that LG was striving to make in the mobile phone market.

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