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Nokia shuts down London store

Nokia shuts down London store

Poor sales figures have hit Nokia's Regent Street retail outlet hard, resulting in its planned closure early next year.

The store was the only Nokia outlet located in London and was opened in 2007 with considerable fanfare and a significant marketing budget behind it.

A Nokia spokesperson told an industry publication that the company was attempting to focus its brand identity which is also associated with its seven other retail outlets in the UK and by doing so, improve efficiency and encourage cohesion with its network of shops.

The 30 staff who work at the doomed store are currently in internal discussions with Nokia, with the objective being to reassign them within the firm rather than make them redundant.

Nokia opened and then closed a far smaller shop on Regent Street several years ago, making this the second time that it has found difficulty in establishing a retail presence in central London.

Sony Ericsson was also recently forced to close a London-based retail outlet after its partnership with the Carphone Warehouse failed to become profitable, despite being located in the well-to-do Kensington area.

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