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O2 data and 3G issues rectified?

O2 data and 3G issues rectified?

Over the last week or so, many O2 customers have complained to Top 10 Mobile Phones about patchy or non-existent network coverage for mobile internet access on their iPhones and other 3G mobile internet devices, but O2 has told the media that it has now been able to address the issues.

However, the network also admitted that there could be a relapse and in truth several of the services that customers should expect to be available are currently down.

It appears that some O2 customers cannot send picture messages or access their voicemail accounts from their mobiles, although internet connectivity has been restored. The issues have been affecting users all around the UK, although O2 has yet to explain fully the reasons behind the service faults.

O2 released a statement indicating that it was working non-stop to fix any remaining issues and promised that picture messaging and voicemail services were gradually being restored to its customers.

O2 has been subject to some criticism over the last 12 months after several previous data outages, blamed mostly on its inability to cope with the increase in data volumes brought about by the number of new iPhone customers it has taken on.

Independent sources have reported that some O2 customers are still experiencing crippled or non-existent connectivity, with users in the UK's major cities unable to access the high speed networks that they were previously able to.

Customers who pay upwards of £45 monthly for their O2 packages with unlimited data access and an iPhone have continued to express their annoyance as they wait for official news about the situation.

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