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  5. Paid-for Guardian iPhone app released

Paid-for Guardian iPhone app released

Paid-for Guardian iPhone app released

A new application, priced at £2.39, that gives iPhone and iPod Touch users access to content from Guardian News and Media (GNM) has been launched to generate revenue for the group.

GNM has repeatedly stated that it does not plan to start charging users to access its popular online current affairs portal at and that the app will be subject to a one-off initial charge. However, official sources have revealed that in the future, new charges for additional content accessed via the app could be introduced.

An alternative to additional charges has been trialled by the Telegraph Media Group, which used advertising to subsidise the cost of its free application launched earlier this year.

The Guardian app allows users to browse stories offline as well as giving them access to a comprehensive news engine which simplifies finding stories on a specific topic.

At present only text, audio and still images are available via the Guardian app, although video functionality is expected to be introduced in the future as an update.

GNM is currently believed to be haemorrhaging around £100,000 daily and its focus on the online and mobile sectors of its business is being increased in an attempt to minimise the losses and to build some stability.

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