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Phone thief caught after call slip-up

 Phone thief caught after call slip-up

A jury at a court in Lincoln took less than half an hour to convict a man accused of stealing a mobile phone after it emerged that he had been caught because he gave away his personal details, including his address, to his victim just hours after the robbery took place.

24 year old Peter Gamblin, who was a former professional Billiards player, was apparently arrogant enough to tell his victim exactly who he was when they called up their stolen phone to confront him.

Although Mr Gamblin denied taking the phone, claiming to have been at his sister's residence at the time, the evidence against him was overwhelming.

The judge told the apparently brash thief that he should expect to receive a custodial sentence when he returns to court in early 2010. For the moment Mr Gamblin has been bailed to await his fate.

Of the thousands of mobile phones that are stolen every year in the UK, this is one of the few cases that has resulted in a conviction and is remarkable because of the circumstances surrounding the thief's arrest.

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