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Robbie Williams races onto iPhone

Robbie Williams races onto iPhone

Robbie Williams may be the first pop star to re-launch his career with an iPhone game, with the arrival of Robbie Williams Racing.

Players will have to pit their wits against the former Take That singer, racing on both dirt bikes and dune buggies across a variety of off-road locations.

Sadly Robbie does not seem to be a playable character, although you may just have to play the game to find out.

The game even features online leaderboards and a host of unlockable content, the vast majority being exclusive remixes of his recent single 'Bodies.

There are a total of nine different versions of the song to be revealed and Robbie himself has provided his vocal talents to add a commentary to the races.

Robbie Williams Racing is already available from the App Store for both iPhone and iPod Touch owners to get to grips with, although those who are not die-hard Robbie fans may baulk at the level of album plugging that occurs throughout the game.

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