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Sony Ericsson launches Twitter Cup

Sony Ericsson launches Twitter Cup

Sony Ericsson has created a social networking representation of the 2010 World Cup that allows football fans to tweet their home countries into the history books.

In essence the 'tournament' is accessible to anyone with a mobile phone or an internet connection who wishes to use their Twitter account to show support for their side. The Twitter Cup kicked off the day the groups were decided.

In order to give their teams the best chance of winning the virtual tournament, Twitter users will need to tweet #TWC followed by the name of their chosen nation.

There will be several rounds during which the teams with the most tweets to their names will rise above the rest.

The tournament will run independently to the actual events of the World Cup next year, so two very different sides could be the winners.

Sony Ericsson's Sonja Shear explained that the 2010 World Cup would be the first to take place after the social networking revolution really took off and as such Sony Ericsson will try to provide fans with as many options as possible to support their team and discuss the tournament.

The number of tweets received by each country is represented by a visual chart, with the various national flags growing in size as their popularity in the Twittersphere grows.

The Twitter Cup will end on the 11th of July 2010 to coincide with the World Cup final and, as with the real tournament, will have a series of stages, including group and knock-out play-offs.

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