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  5. Study suggests Android ambivalence in Europe

Study suggests Android ambivalence in Europe

Study suggests Android ambivalence in Europe

A study by a market research firm has made claims that most customers in Western Europe looking for a smartphone are choosing established alternatives over those using Google's Android operating system.

IDC analysed the sales trends in the developed European markets and found that despite large manufacturers, including Sony Ericsson and Motorola, choosing Android as the platform for new flagship mobiles, these phones were failing to sell well.

The Symbian operating system is still the dominant smartphone platform of choice for European consumers, with a 48 per cent share of the current market.

In contrast, Android is currently running on only 5.4 per cent of all smartphones in the continent.

IDC's Francisco Jeronimo said that the problem lies with general consumer confusion as to what exactly Android is.

People are familiar with the Google brand itself, but Android is struggling to gain popularity through a lack of consumer recognition.

Developers of smartphone software applications are equally troubled by the lack of adequate awareness and advertising for the Android platform and some big names have significantly reduced the amount that they are investing in Android-based software titles.

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