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  5. 'Swype' typing to hit Nokia smartphones

'Swype' typing to hit Nokia smartphones

'Swype' typing to hit Nokia smartphones

A new typing tool called Swype has just gained investment and support from Finnish mobile manufacturing giants Nokia and could soon be integrated into its touchscreen smartphones to speed up the typing of messages and emails.

Rather than requiring the user to press each letter on a virtual QWERTY keypad in order to write text, Swype allows the user to press down and move their fingers across the keypad in one continuous motion to join up the letters that they want for the word.

Nokia has provided some collateral to help the project along and its developers claim that using the system you will now be able to type at up to 30 words a minute using a touch sensitive mobile interface.

Owners of the Samsung Omnia 2 can already use Swype thanks to the Windows Mobile platform, but with an additional £3.4 million of Nokia funding bolstering the South Korean development, Swype is likely to become available on many more mobile phones in the future.

A Nokia spokesperson stated on the company's site that it was intent on investing in future user interface technologies that would be driving the evolution of the mobile market over the coming years.

The Swype team have posted a series of videos demonstrating the power of the new typing technology online.

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