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Unreal Engine coming to iPhone

Unreal Engine coming to iPhone

The Unreal Engine 3 powers some of the biggest blockbusting video games on the latest consoles, including Gears of War and Mirror's Edge and the software company behind the stunning graphics it produces is modifying the engine to run on the Apple iPhone.

An Epic employee demonstrated a mobile port of Unreal Tournament 3 running on the iPhone and said that the team was currently customising the control methods and visual package to better fit the mobile platform.

According to a gaming blog, a touch sensitive thumb pad on the bottom left of the iPhone's screen will move the character, whilst the right hand side will rotate the camera, representing the standard configuration for most console-based shooters.

Because of the coding requirements of the engine, only owners of the iPhone 3Gs and presumably future iPhone versions, will be able to enjoy Unreal Engine 3-powered mobile games when the first eventually arrive.

Epic has been cagey about its intentions once the conversion of the UE3 for the iPhone is complete and at the recent demonstration a spokesperson said that it would not be looking to develop any games in house for the iPhone.

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