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  5. Vodafone may ditch HTC HD2 for iPhone

Vodafone may ditch HTC HD2 for iPhone

Vodafone may ditch HTC HD2 for iPhone

HTC's gorgeous Windows Mobile smartphone, the HD2, may no longer be offered by Vodafone if current reports are to be believed.

The HD2 has only been available since the beginning of November and a Vodafone spokesperson indicated that their initial stock of the smartphone sold out quickly, but reports now suggest that the network is already planning its withdrawal from its high-end line up.

Insiders believe that Vodafone will be stopping the sale of the HD2 in 2010 as a new range of smartphones, most notably the iPhone, will become key products in its pay monthly contract deals.

The spokesperson went on to say that Vodafone would be offering the broadest range of mobiles possible to customers over the coming year, which suggests that the release of the iPhone will result in the HD2's place being filled by the overwhelmingly popular Apple device.

The HTC HD2 has received a positive response from the technology press thanks largely to its enormous multi-touch sensitive screen and wafer-thin design.

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