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Voice typing hits iPhone

Voice typing hits iPhone

The full onscreen QWERTY keypad of the iPhone could become obsolete if the new Dragon Dictation application from Nuance takes off, as it allows users to speak and have their thoughts and opinions transferred directly into text.

Nuance Mobile Vice President Michael Thompson said that Dragon Dictation would alter the text input experience on the iPhone, allowing for natural speech to be translated intuitively and quickly into lengthier messages and emails.

Mr Thompson also said that he expects users of the app to start talking far more than typing once they have got to grips with the basics.

Nuance Mobile claims that its voice recognition software is good enough to be up to five times quicker than using the onscreen keyboard and that the software is completely compatible with the cut, copy and paste functions of the latest iPhone software.

At the moment, Dragon Dictation is only optimised for the US market, although since it has been built exclusively for the iPhone platform it is likely that regional versions of the software will be made available in the future.

There is already at least one other iPhone application which allows for speech-to-text functionality, although the example in question, the Voxie iPhone, requires a subscription. Conversely the Dragon Dictation app has been made available free of charge.

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