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  5. Advanced Twitter app for iPhone launched

Advanced Twitter app for iPhone launched

Advanced Twitter app for iPhone launched

If you are a serious user of Twitter then you will be able to make the most of Tweetdeck, a new app that allows various types of advanced tweeting, including the option to geo-tag your tweets.

See the official Tweetdeck iPhone update video below

Tweetdeck is already popular amongst PC users, who have been able to access similar functionality after a recent update and now iPhone owners can benefit in the same ways.

Retweeting has been made easier, with integration of the official method offered by Twitter now available alongside the manual option favoured by some. It is also possible to use Tweetdeck to view Twitter Lists, showing the latest tweets from the people that you are following.

To geo-tag your tweets, which is possible with Tweetdeck, you need to turn on the function using the main Twitter site.

From that point onwards, every tweet you make will come with details as to where you where when you sent it and if anyone you are following has geo-tagging enabled, their tweets will come with a map pinpointing their location for all to see.

Tweetdeck takes the geo-tagging of tweets to slightly worrying new levels, giving you the ability to map someone's movements based on their tweets. It might be useful if you are a bit of an exhibitionist, but it is unlikely that Twitter's celebrity users will ever turn this function on.

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