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  5. Android-based Motoroi to hit global market

Android-based Motoroi to hit global market

Android-based Motoroi to hit global market

The Motorola Motoroi, which was initially believed to be in development for the Korean market alone, could in fact be hitting our shores in the near future if Motorola's Rick Wolochatiuk is to be believed.

The Motoroi will again be a touchscreen smartphone using the Android platform, but its most impressive feature could be the camera, which will take stills using an eight megapixel sensor and also offer HD video recording in 720p.

With a 3.7-inch screen on board, the Motoroi will also have a dedicated HDMI output and a Xenon flash, making it an attractive all-rounder in terms of photography.

As with the Motorola Dext, the Motoroi will come with the MotoBlur user interface which provides access to social networking sites, as well as acting as a synchronising hub for all of your contacts.

The Motoroi was first mentioned back in 2009 and its long development was believed to be culminating in a Korean-only release. However, Mr Wolochatiuk has said that his firm intends to bring this phone to an international audience shortly after its Korean launch.

When it does reach the UK, expect the Motorola Motoroi to have been re-branded and modified. The excellent camera and video facilities should remain intact and it presents yet another compelling reason as to why Motorola and Android make the perfect match.

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