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Apple iSlate launch liveblog details

Currently variously known as the iPad, the typically hyperbolic Jesus Tablet, iTablet or iSlate, Apple’s new touchscreen device has more aliases than Howard Marks at his criminal peak. But whatever Apple eventually opts to call the device, only a vinegary churl would deny that it’s the most pulse-quickening technology product launch of the year.

Want the skinny? Check out our liveblog

In recent weeks speculation about just what it'll offer us has hit fever pitch. But what to believe? Will the device feature the iPhone’s operating system, as leaks from Apple’s Cupertino nerve centre seem to suggest? A touchscreen user interface is almost certainly set in stone, but what about this additional physical keyboard rumour that won’t give up the ghost?

Just as pressingly, are we looking at a ten-inch display or something way more expansive? If we were betting men we’d say the former. And then there’s the mooted ebook reader functionality. Teamed with a large screen, it’s got the potential to blow Kindle out of the water and rescue the ailing magazine industry at a stroke. But will it deliver on that promise?

Exciting times in the tech world, then, I’m sure you’ll agree. And from six o’clock tonight we’ll be you bringing all the news from the launch in sunny Californ-i-ay in a live blog, as we join a coterie of tech heads, Macolytes and journos in getting the first look at the iSlate. Frankly, we’re positively crazed with excitement.

Want the skinny? Check out our liveblog

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