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Baby translator for iPhone launched

Baby translator for iPhone launched

A new app which claims to be able to translate with 96 per cent accuracy the requirements of any crying child has been launched.

The Cry Translator will set you back £17.99, which is admittedly quite steep, but it could prove to be invaluable to exhausted parents around the world.

To get the app working you just need to hold the iPhone's microphone next to your tearful tyke of choice and then the software will analyse the cries and present you with some interpretation as to what it is the baby is trying to communicate.

A Spanish paediatrician is behind the research which led to the creation of the application and it is Dr Antonio Portugal Ramirez and his team that discovered the 5 distinct groups into which any baby's crying could be separated.

Crying appears to transcend language and nationality and the five pillars of a baby's expression range between hungry, annoyed, tired, stressed and bored.

Although the app is clearly meant to be used for good, there are some experts who are worried that its use could deter mothers from using their own senses and connections with their children to address their needs.

According to one parenting expert, who spoke to The Sun newspaper, "Learning to interpret cries is part of the bonding process and forms the foundation for good communication." Doubtless many parents who are suffering from sleep deprivation will beg to differ and will welcome any help that they can get.

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