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  5. Billions wasted on inclusive tariffs

Billions wasted on inclusive tariffs

Billions wasted on inclusive tariffs

A leading price comparison site has announced that in the UK we waste up to £13 billion each year paying for tariffs that include free texts and minutes that we never get around to using up.

The Mobile Money Report published by reveals that more of us are spending pointless sums on mobile phone price plans than ever before.

It estimates that around 50 per cent of inclusive minutes and texts are never used, which sets back each mobile owner £250 over a 12 month period.

These figures have risen sharply since 2007, with a 40 per cent increase in wastage occurring over a three-year period.'s Mike Wilson said: "With a rise in the popularity of the iPhone and other smartphones with increased capabilities and internet access, the allowance of texts and minutes on a tariff has become less important."

It seems as though people need to take stock of their real requirements for texts and minutes, to ensure that they are not paying over the odds for a service that they do not use to the fullest extent.

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