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  5. CES 2010: HTC to launch value smartphone

CES 2010: HTC to launch value smartphone

CES 2010: HTC to launch value smartphone

HTC has announced that it will be launching a touchscreen smartphone that does not use either Windows Mobile or Android and will be priced aggressively to capture a wider audience at the lower end of the market.

The HTC Smart will make use of the Brew operating system, which has been developed by chip manufacturer Qualcomm and can also be found on INQ's Mini 3G mobile phone.

HTC said in a press release today that the Smart will hit stores in spring, although no word as to UK network partnerships has been forthcoming.

Technical details concerning the Smart are also sparse, although it is clear that HTC is intent on marketing and selling the phone to people who had not previously come into contact with the brand.

Experts believe that the Smart may have a two megapixel camera and no Wi-Fi, although support for Flash video playback is likely to be included.

HTC is hoping that by using the Brew platform it will be able to encourage third-party developers to create applications for the Smart as it is a fairly easy mobile operating system with which to work.

This fact, combined with the low price, might well allow HTC to breakthrough into the mainstream.

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